All the wedding shenanigans for you are done now! Your grand day celebrations are all said and done. Now comes the part where you need to clear up the ‘new’ mess around your room and luggage.

Setting up everything gets very easy, but one thing will always take a toll on your mind- your lovely bridal couture outfit. Be it any designer bridal wear, saving your wedding ensemble for a long time is definitely a process. Once done properly it isn’t a much of a hassle. So, instead of stuffing it away, follow our simple steps to pack away your favorite memory maker.

It is time for Dry Cleaning

Get your best designer bridal wear to Dry Cleaning without any delays. It will not only give a fresh look, but it will also help you to keep away the discoloration and will give a new vibe every time you take it out.

Fold, Don’t Hang!

Hanging your wedding lehenga or gown is never a recommendation. Always iron your outfit first, the unnecessary folds will be gone away. The shape will be intact after the iron and it will avoid any wrong folding. Avoid stuffing your outfit; it would only cause damages to it.

Butter paper or Muslin Cloth

While you are folding your designer bridal wear, ensure you place either butter paper or Muslin Cloth between the folds. If you have a heavy work outfit the sequins and beads will rub into each other and spoil. After placing either of the material between the folds, you can wrap the entire outfit in a muslin cloth altogether.

Clove & Lavender!

After you fold it and wrap your outfit, it is very important to keep it away from pests and bad odor. Where ever you are storing your bridal designer wear lehengas make sure you keep a few pieces of cloves and lavender in a muslin cloth and keep it with your outfit. It will keep all pests away and give you a fresh fragrance whenever you take it out.

In A Box

Always keep your wedding couture in a BOX! If the outfit is given in a box while you purchased then store it in the same box. Storing in a box keeps your outfit long-lasting and very safe- Keeps it as good as new and definitely easy for a bride to store it away.

Dry & Cool Place

Never let your bridal designer wear lehengas be in the hit of direct sunlight or heat. The richness in colors will fade away and is not at all good for your wedding dress life. It is always best to store them in closets or bed boxes.

Let It Breathe!

Once in a while it is always good to take the outfit out of your closet or bed and let some air touch the fabric. If you neglect that the creases will fade away the color. Fresh air keeps the bridal outfits alive and permanent creases never happen.

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