As a Fashion designer, individual, and influencer, I have always believed in giving back to society, as every contributing citizen should. Success and privilege are but ways to help other humans in need, and this is a sentiment I live by and emphasize in every step of my work. It was this belief that, three years ago, on the Diwali of 2013, the Sashi Vangapalli Brand began its association with a cause very close to its heart- that of Sphoorti organization. Sphoorti is a non-profit organization working for underprivileged children, based in Dundigal, Hyderabad. These beautiful and intelligent little souls have suffered being orphaned, abandoned, destitute- and other such vulnerabilities. Sphoorti as an organization holds the mission to change the lives of such children by providing them with the long term care inclusive of basic needs, education, healthcare, and teaching them the skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens. Spanning over 4 acres of campus, the current strength of the NGO is 207 children, out of which 90 are girl children.

Ever since 2013, there has been no turning back. With such an organization, there is no rest! The work is immense and never-ending, but ever so rewarding, as we see that outside of the campus, 40 of our children in standard XI and above are staying in various residential colleges in Hyderabad. Strength, confidence, independence- these are the measures of character that I believe is the path to getting anywhere in life, and these are the kind of qualities I try to impart to the many little girls who need all the confidence they can muster to stand up straighter and blossom with their whole potential.

Sphoorti does great work, work that I am ever so proud to be associated with. It isn’t merely the provision of absolute needs like food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education that these children receive, they are nurtured with love and careful care, their lifestyle incorporated with independence and discipline. Most of all, it’s their happy, confident smiles that emerge from sheer hope- that is the most heart-warming, and the ultimate goal.

Since 2013, I have tried to be someone these girls can look up to. Srivyal Vuyyuri, the Managing Trustee, Sphoorti Foundation, has been kind enough to say that I am a person children, especially girls, can look up to. I know no more humbling experience than to share my time and efforts into making the lives of these children better in any way that I can. Be it with recreational games, compassion, or by being an example to them- I think it’s imperative to live in such a way that imbibe these values in their life. My team and I have started the ‘For The Beautiful She’- a campaign championing my most desired cause, and it tries persistently and dedicatedly to do all that it can to support girl child education and empowerment at Sphoorti.

It is foundations like these, that sponsor education of more than 200 poor children outside of their reach as well- in collaboration with corporate and non-profit partners, and it’s the people like you and me who can exert a positive influence on such causes, and make a deliberate and graceful impact. Sashi Vangapalli as a brand is by a woman, for women, and of women- and how can we rest till the girl child still suffers? Philanthropy