I Believe Clothes are a Way To Express Yourself Freely’

To me, beauty is much more than just a skin-deep notion. Beauty emerges from your character, your individuality, and your deepest, inner-most thoughts. Everyone, therefore, is beautiful in their own little way. Every story of beauty deserves to be told and heard, a million times over!

I always knew that my version of ‘Beauty’ is way different from that our country. Which is why, my journey was always aimed at letting you tell your story, the way you want to express it.

It is your love and belief that inspires me and keeps me going. I am blessed to know a woman like you. A woman who is bold, who is beautiful, and is comfortable in her own skin, YOU — the Modern Indian Woman.

Inspired by your trust in me, I’ve embarked on a journey that needs all your support and love. Presenting, Sashi Vangapalli Couture -The Label — For the new age woman, whose beauty is the true picture of her inner self.

With Sashi Vangapalli, I bring to you an all new designer collection, which envisages my aim to break stereotypes & create clothes that not only fit your body but — FIT YOU.

I aspire to design for women who dream to change the world, who challenge the status quo. I want to make Sashi Vangapalli Couture-The Label, a brand for the new age Indian woman.

Together, let’s create beautiful designs and make memories that last forever.