“Beauty is very individualistic. Beauty is what makes you happy. Beauty to me is God’s handwriting. It’s who you are — your character, your determination.”

These are the words of a woman of wisdom and grace, a mother and a leading lady, and just an utterly fabulous woman- Sushmita Sen. I can not only be proud of her and all that she stands for but agree with her deeply on her idea of beauty- and be proud to be her close friend. I have always believed that beauty can’t be defined by what we merely see on the surface, that it comes from a source so much more intrinsic, much deeper than that.

Every woman today- avant-garde and powerful, classy and confident must realize that there are unlimited possibilities ahead of her. I can’t think of a new age woman who idealizes this character better than Sushmita Sen- bold, uncensored, and charming and a representation of a beauty that’s simply eternal. We are all connected as women, bound together by a profound thread of mutual understanding of each other. Sushmita and I share such a bond- not only over our similar thoughts about all that a woman today stands for but so much more.

With the world running so fast ahead of us, and the hard work of women opening up niches and spaces to stand up in and be heard- I think the best and most important task we have today is influencing the younger generations. This is why I’m affiliated with the work that “Sphoorti”, the nonprofit organization does for underprivileged children. This is a role that I think every woman must undertake- to exert influence and make a change. Working with organizations like ‘I Am foundation’, Sushmita is well known for her charity work, and the enthusiasm with which she works for the education of the girl child in India. Her motherly love for Renee and Alisah is limitless, but not limited to her daughters- she stands tall and representative of all the young girls in India seeking a better future.

Every woman is connected, and I cherish this bond greatly- especially with someone as radiant and wonderful as Sushmita, who is a showstopper, a friend, a radical being, a force to reckon with- and my soul sister.

It is in these things that the magic of womanhood lies, I have always thought- the nurturing, strong, and indomitable spirit of Her. It’s ‘Her’ that inspires SV as a brand, Her that is me, that is a phenomenon like Sushmita and Her that is like You.