It is all about the biggest party in anyone’s life that is surrounding every corner of every city. With the Wedding Season kicking in, everyone wants to look at their nest. But there are two people who just can not decide what to have for the biggest day of her life- THE BRIDE!

Every girl wants to look and feel like a princess and every boy like a Prince as well. It is the biggest decision for the bride and the groom to decide what to wear on the heir wedding day and it is the biggest decision to be made. Finalizing everything else like decor, jewellery, and everything else depends on this one big decision. And mostly it is the Bride’s outfit that commands out all the other selections, even the groom’s wear! 

That’s where we- Sashi Vangapalli Couture come into the picture where we help the lovely brides, walking through our doors and seeking for a way to decide for the biggest day of their lives.

Below are the few pointers where we help you guide why you should be picking us for this BIG DECISION:

1. It is about YOU!

Here, at Sashi Vangapalli Couture’s house, we guide through the entire journey of selection by talking about what YOU want! We do not pick a garment and rub it on you just to make a selling point. We sit with you, we understand your specific requirements, we observe and know your personality and TRY to give you some that look and revolves around the whole concept of the best of YOU! So that when you see yourself in the mirror you look exactly what you believe you ARE. 

2. Hand Crafted Luxury:

We DO NOT repeat or keep something that has been going around everywhere. Every outfit is a unique handcrafted piece that takes not just days but sometimes weeks to fulfil our bride’s imagination. We try to reach out to the level of perfection to make your day look a perfect one! As we said we make sure that what we make is the best version of YOU! That is why everything in the garment is ‘handcrafted’ with love by adding every sequin and thread to near perfection.

3. Personalized Styling:

Now when we say that we understand your requirement first, we didn’t do it in a day’s learning! An entire team under the guidance of our founder Sashi Vangapalli- well guided and trained to understand at the ground level what our brides want! Everything that we suggest here is according to what you would like to look like on your grand day! We help you by suggesting not just the garment but Jewelry to wear with it, what hairstyle, how to keep your makeup, what you must highlight! And all those points once covered we give you what you could have dreamt of. 

4. Custom made Designs:

Designs don’t just come out of a pencil right on to a paper. It takes inspiration and ideas that get joined together here at Sashi Vangapalli and brings out one perfect piece for a bride. Every bride dreams about her perfect dress and every dress of yours is our responsibility to fulfil. We custom make the garments right from the sketch to execution exclusively for you. We take inspiration from your dreams, your ideas, your life, and many such factors. Combining these gives out that one look which is all about you.

5. Perfection!

The Biggest fear for every bride, while she invests her time and money for her wedding outfit, is- What will be the output? And here at Sashi Vangapalli, you do not have to worry about such facts as we have an entire team of designers, skilled labourers, and stylists who work together and assure that we deliver what has been promised. Not only that, we ensure that the outfit just doesn’t fit you but makes you feel the touch of luxury and perfection that speaks of nothing but YOU!

If you still have any cornered diffidence do have a little sneak peek of few of our beautiful brides and what they have to say about us: 

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