Hello Dear Bride-to-be,

Ready to Dazzle on your Big Day like an ethereal goddess.

Sashi Vangapalli, A royalty by heart with a collection for that perfect beginning and to forever after.

When it comes to weddings, any bride would want to feel like a princess or royalty on their big day with an outfit that reflects themselves. It is one of the trickiest yet the most fun tasks to choose a bridal outfit and also of paramount importance. Everything must be perfect including jewelry, makeup, footwear, hairdo, and ‘The Attire’. Figure out what will look best on you and how we, SVC are a natural choice for you to get that Dreamy bridal outfit. Let us dive into the virtual tour of our collection to satiate your fancy.

Tradition mixed with Modernity

Our collection is dedicated to the revival of traditional intricate know-how designs with western aesthetics aiming to give a new definition to contemporary and bold Indian bridal outfits. We focused on prioritizing Indian creativity with the essence that modern consumers look for and leaves an impression. When you walk into a Sashi Vangapalli store you will find a mix of western silhouettes with Indian embellishments and another side of Indian design inspiration (beautiful, bold, classic, and fun) which almost makes you want to get married.

Every piece has a story behind it

Somethings are special when they tell a story, that comes from the roots. Influenced by the Art of Versatile Design and a touch of contemporary classics, our designs speak for themselves curated originally to let you shine through. It is a long process that we put our vision and thoughts in Each and every piece telling a different story behind making them unique masterpieces.

Handcrafted Timeless Ensemble

We are dedicated to bringing out handcrafted goodness, what is best in us and the best for you. Hand worked and crafted the details that outline a beautiful attire owning its sensuality on its own. Developing perfect designs with intricate detailing and flattering silhouettes suiting your perfect beginnings and making your big day special.

The epitome of Luxury and Elegance

A Royalty, Regal and Elegant by heart turning any bride into a princess on her wedding day. Our brightly embellished dresses effortlessly display a sense of royalty with our signature cutting edge of traditional mixed modernity designs. It’s no wonder every bride dreams of wearing an ethereal outfit on her big day and we offer an ultimate and a rare collection of luxurious pieces making a natural choice for every bride.

Rethink your Bridal Look with Us

Choosing a bridal lehenga and other outfits for the array of functions is one of the trickiest yet an important task and we understand the vision of your bridal wear very well with the years of expertise we carry. Rethink your bridal look with us and visit our store for the Trending styles, colors, silhouettes, and perfect tailoring with the care and detailing in each garment making them amazing. We provide a personalized service to assist you while clearing out all the confusion and help you choose the right outfit.

Welcome to our delicious world, we promise once you enter our Zilla you may never wish to leave!

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