About Us

Our Expertise

Why Sashi Vangapalli ?

Sashi Vangapalli - The label that made the concept of customized clothing a household reality, by using traditional Indian craftsmanship, intricate embroidery and rich textures to meet the evolving needs of the Indian consumers. Since 2012 we have offered a wide range of Indian Ethnic wear that can meet the needs of a niche of the market. In the year 2012, we have started a multi-story exquisite shopping paradise in the heart of the city to give Hyderabad a complete family shopping experience. We have always attempted to merge the international standers with the skills of Indian art and culture.
Sashi Vangapalli has proved that contemporary designers must revitalize their own roots and identity. It was essential to take Indian creativity out into the world in such a way that benefited both craftsmen and the modern consumer. It has been 4 years that we are serving the people of Hyderabad and have been successful to attract the crowd from major cities in India. There is an enigmatic curiosity and fascination for our special NRI collection, as we are the only choice of N.R.I. and a giant; to export the wedding trousseaus across the globe. The best bit of our garment is the flexibility of our material. The label strikes the perfect balance between the prêt and the haute couture which combined with our uncanny ability to trend forecast which is the major reason for our success.

Brand Philosophy

Beauty is much more than skin-deep. It's deeper than that. Beauty emerges from the passion in our eyes when we do something we love. It's about how we, as modern Indian women, can do remarkable things. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own little way. You are one of a kind and Sashi Vangapalli – The Label tells your story, the way you want to express it. We aspire to become the only one that is a reflection of your inner beauty. Sashi Vnagapalli Couture is the only one label with the commitment to complement the Modern Indian Woman with her bold, beautiful and comfortable designs.

Brand Vision

Our vision is to inspire the modern Indian women to challenge the status quo, to change perceptions and be beautiful in their own skin.

Brand Mission

Our mission is to be the only brand for high-end designer clothing for women especially across India and for NRIs across the globe. As a part of our broader goal, we aim to become one of the top 10 designer labels in Luxury Clothing in India. Our retail strategy includes expanding from one retail store to 10 flagship stores across India in a span of 5 years.