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Sashi Vangapalli with Susmitha Sen
About Me

Sashi vangapalli - “ My journey in the fashion industry ”

Sashi Vangapalli - have been a super fascinating and unpredictable roller coaster ride. I very much enjoy and cherish every moment of my career whether it will ultimately be a huge success or not. It has been my experience that creative freedom is hard to come by unless you work for yourself. It’s comparative, and some might think of what I did as creative. Well, my focus has always been to understand the person, their body proportions and create designs which make them comfortable, which brings out the best of their personality. Fashion is not about clothes but an effort to help women understand better, to help bring out their true beauty.

Fashion is something that keeps on changing throughout your life. The fashion today is having a different presentation and get up. Everyone has the freedom to dress up on their own along with their taste and preferences. But, with every change in fashion, it is important to adopt the same in order to stay updated among the mass. If you are willing to adopt the traditional style, there is ample scope for it. Even for medieval factor, you can easily go ahead with the style. The modern style statements are always present.

The tremendous variety of designs available today is the result of the knowledge and skills of the craftsmen that have been passed to them from generations to generations. No wonder why each cultural corner of India has its own unique fabric and style, as for me fabrics like Tassar,Mugha, Dupion, Taffeta, Ikkat, and pure silks creates an impact on Indian heritage.
Showing courage, strength, and passion to follow my beliefs - Fashion is Freedom. I hope this inspires you all to follow your dreams and to support a designer who represents more than just an occupation. ”